This page was originally published on the SFBTA-webpage after Steve and Insoo died. Someone probably had a good reason not to put it back after ”renovation” but since I think that this material can be useful for some people wanting to know more about de Shazer’s and Berg’s thinking I have put it here on SIKT’s website.
Harry Korman


Dear Friends,

With this short notice we bid a final farewell to all of you around the globe. Your friendship and support will be the most enduring legacy when BFTC closes its doors on December 15, 2007

Tributes to Insoo and Steve have been prepared by their dear friend and colleague, Yvonne Dolan. After Insoo’s death in 2007, her sister, CJ Kim and her daughter, Sarah Berg, decided to give the rights to BFTC’s various training materials to the Solution Focused Brief Therapy Association, a group that Steve and Insoo helped to found in 2002. The Association is deeply grateful to be granted stewardship of this tremendous legacy. We welcome you to proceed to the home of SFBTA to browse through the videos, audios and books.

Below are links to essays, handouts, and other things that were posted on the BFTC website. Please feel free to use, giving credit to Steve and Insoo

  1. 20-minute interview
  2. Beginnings
  3. Building solutions with mandated clients
  4. Case presentation
  5. Collaborative assessment
  6. Don’t think but observe
  7. Engagement
  8. For students only
  9. Goals-solutions
  10. Insoo hot-tips
  11. Insoo hot tips ii-v
  12. Hot-tips vi
  13. Insoo lead in
  14. Insoo sfbt studies outcomes
  15. Insoo students corner
  16. Insoo questions lead-in
  17. Solution-building procedures
  18. Steve goals
  19. Steve miracles
  20. Steve thoughts about the miracle question
  21. Useful language skills
  22. Useful questions for working with involuntary clients
  23. Working assumptions about children
  24. Working assumptions about parents
  25. Client Engagement
  26. de shazer emotions-and-scaling
  27. de shazer sfbt language games
  28. deshazer-vita
  30. paradigm-shift
  31. Techniques q&a
  32. SdeS-Radical-acceptance-.pdf
  33. How-come-solution-focused-brief-therapists-think-diagnosis-is-so-bad_.pdf

There is more very useful practical stuff still hidden away in the entrails of the SFBTA-site. Goto
(When and if that link stops working, please let me know. I will then put all that stuff out as well after asking permission from the authors.)

Good luck and happy reading