Cancellation policy

When you sign up for something with us, you should receive a confirmation within 3 working days (Monday-Friday). If you have not received it, get in touch again – most often it is the email address we received that is incorrect or your server rejected the confirmation-email from us as SPAM.

  • Preliminary bookings are never binding. Write that you want to pre-book and let us know when you can submit a final registration. We will contact you if we need a definitive booking before then.
  • Cancellation for a course more than 90 days before the start of the course or within 24 hours after booking can be made free of charge. Send an email to
  • Cancellation 60-90 days before course start – cancellation fee SEK 500
  • Cancellation 30-60 days before the start of the course – half the course fee.
  • Cancellation less than 30 days before the start of the course – the entire course fee.
  • Replacing a person who cannot go with someone else costs nothing (let us know before the course).
  • If we manage to get someone in from a waiting list for a seat that you have cancelled, we will only charge a cancellation fee of SEK 500 / per place.

We wish to receive your cancellation notification in writing via e-mail or letter. If you have not received confirmation from us, do not assume that it arrived.

It happens, of course, that one presses the wrong button on our website and we are grateful if you let us know immediately if you have received confirmation of a booking you did not want to make so that we can delete you.