Pene Turnell – Words and Pictures

Signs of Safety
Informing and Involving Children in Child Abuse Cases

5-6 april 2018 i Malmö

Most children and young people caught up in the child protection system don’t understand why statutory professionals intervened in their lives and in their family. These youngsters also commonly feel they have very little say in the decisions that are taken over their lives.

The Words and Pictures approach to working with children in child protection cases was created by English family therapist Susie Essex. The Words and Pictures method equips professionals to work alongside parents to create a straightforward age appropriate explanation for children and young people about the actual or alleged abuse even in the most contested cases. The ‘Words and Pictures’ explanation then becomes the foundation for safety planning whether the young person lives with their family or separate from them.

This experiential two-day workshop will lead participants through the process of creating words and pictures explanations with parents for children where families are involved with children’s services. Many examples of completed words and pictures explanations, both long and short form from a wide variety of cases will be presented during the programme. Working with a current case of a workshop participant, Pene will demonstrate the steps for creating a words and pictures explanation working all the way through to a completed draft explanation the practitioner will be able to take to the family. Participants will then work in small groups replicating the process Pene has demonstrated by creating a words and pictures explanation in a case of a member of their small group.

This workshop will equip participants to use the words and pictures method in their casework. The workshop and Pene’s teaching always inspires practitioners who say it gets them back to why they first got into children’s services work.

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Kostnad: 4900- + moms (lunch och fika ingår i priset)
Plats: Centralt i Malmö
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