Pene Turnell

Pene’s nine and half years as a child protection practitioner coincided with the Western Australian’s child protection department’s statewide implementation of the Signs of Safety.

The focus of Pene’s work has always centered on getting parents, children and safety networks at the centre of the safety planning work and Pene is passionate about – and one of the outmost experts in – creating words and pictures explanations with parents in the most challenging cases.

Pene was part of the Western Australian Goldfields leadership team with Garfield Prowse and Mel Samuels that initiated the spry methods of rapid Signs of Safety mapping, network building and safety planning. Go to for a video of Garfield, Pene’s and Mel presenting this work.

Pene is an inspiring teacher and supervisor of the Signs of Safety, she has presented her work in USA, England and Japan and works closely with Andrew Turnell, Katrina Etherington and Susie Essex in developing and refining the approach and her skills.