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Here you can find translations of some of our papers (and a book) into English. Other languages further down on this page


The following 4 papers were written in Swedish in 2002. I have translated them to English myself. I apologize for the language mistakes.
Any ideas on improvements are welcomed both in regard to content and language. Thanks to those who commented already.

  •  The common project small revisions 2017. 14 pages on how to start a session and start developing what the client wants in a collaborative way. Press the right button of your mouse and download to your computer or press the right button and read it directly on screen.
  • The Miracle Question and the Miracle Scale. Two chapters in one file (14 pages) on one way to develop details and emotions and interactional descriptions of what the client wants.  Press the right button of your mouse and download to your computer or press the right button and read it directly on screen.

  • Four reasons for asking the miracle question 2 pages on why I still ask this question after 20 years.

  • The second session. A chapter on the second session or rather on second session behaviour. Comments on this are very welcome – (last update of this chapter Sept 2, 2006)

Other stuff on therapy

  • A paper published in November 2020 for people interested in how solution focused theory developed. De Shazer’s theory development
  • A paper on Effort-focused interviewing in Journal of Systemic Therapies 2020 may be of interest to clinicians. Written with Jocelyne Korman and Scott Miller.
  • Is Solution focused brief therapy different is a paper I wrote in 2014 for a blog on Solutionsbywulf in Copenhagen.
  • In between is a paper written by Mark MacKergow and Harry Korman in 2008. The version here is intended for people with knowledge in SF. Another version for a wider audience is under preparation.
  • In 1994 Harry Korman and Martin Söderquist wrote a book building on our experience from the ”heroin program”. We kept the international rights ourselves and we have now decided to put an English translation out on the web. Talk about a Miracle in PDF.
  • Here is a link to an old paperOn the ethics of diagnosis that I (Harry) wrote early 90’s. I’m afraid it’s only getting more relevant as time passes by.
  • The-3.0-version-of-Reflections-on-SFBT-2.0.pdf  are my reflections on Mark MacKergows paper on SFBT2.0. 2018:
  • A useful tool to create the feedback and experiments is the Magic square .

From the work on microanalysis of face-to-face-dialogue, three papers published in 2013 – 2015

The SFBT-manual.



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